Valentine’s Day roses and the messages they send

When you think of Valentine’s Day roses, you most likely first imagine the perfect red bouquet. However, an increasing number of people are choosing alternative coloured flowers for this special day. The most interesting fact to keep in mind is that each rose colour has its own special meaning. So, if you want to send the right message, be sure to send the right colour!


As mentioned above, red is the most popular colour when it comes to Valentine’s Day roses. Red is associated with a passionate form of love which is why they are perfect for partners and spouses. Their popularity also means that red roses usually become a bit more expensive around this time of year which is why other colours have become more and more popular.


Pink Valentine’s Day roses represent femininity, elegance and they are perfect for expressing your appreciation or admiration. If you are in a relatively new relationship and you have not yet reached that point of expressing deeper feelings, pink roses are the best choice. Not only are they romantic, but they also will not make your Valentine feel pressured or overwhelmed.


White roses are often used at weddings which is why they are associated with young love as well as truth, innocence and purity. Let your partner or spouse know that you love them and are loyal to them by sending a white bouquet this year.


The colour purple has long been associated with royalty and purple roses generally send the message of love at first sight. If you want something extra special, ask your florist if they have any blue roses that they can add to the purple bouquet in the form of accents. You don’t need many of them. Just a few here and there. This will make your Valentine’s Day roses even more memorable!


Bright orange roses are the floral representation of desire and enthusiasm. It’s the perfect way of expressing your excitement in the relationship and it is also a great option if you are not in a relationship with somebody but would like to ask them out.


Yellow roses are the symbol of friendship but they can also be sent to your partner as a romantic gesture. Your partner or spouse should be your best friend, after all!

If you can’t choose between all the different Valentine’s Day roses, remember that you can always opt for a mixed bouquet! In addition, bouquets are available in various sizes so you can shop according to your budget and needs. You can even add some luxury chocolates, a bottle of bubbly or balloon if you like.