Valentine’s Day – How it all Began

It’s common knowledge that every year on the 14th of February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s associated with love, romance, and spoiling your significant other. Some of the most popular gifts for this occasion include fresh flowers, luxury chocolates, champagne, and stuffed animals. Online florists understand the demand for all of these gift items which is why they offer all of these and some romantic gift combos just for Valentine’s Day. Of course, for those who are curious about how this popular celebration started, here’s more about the history of Valentine’s Day.

Saint Valentine’s Day was initially celebrated according to the Roman Calendar of Saints. This day was named after the Christian martyr, Valentine. Pope Gelasius added this day to the calendar in 496 AD. In 1969, Pope Paul VI ensured that it was removed. Apparently, it was believed that there was a lack of evidence to support the event of this particular period of time. The only fact that is known is that somebody named Saint Valentine was burried on 14 February.

Over the years, several works of art were created in honour of Valentine’s Day. Art forms included paintings, poems, and various written works. Many of these poems and other works influenced by them have found their way into Valentine’s Day cards today. Centuries ago, in the 1800s, the first Valentine’s Day cards were made and, over time, the demand and popularity increased so much that mass production was necessary.

As for Valentine’s Day flowers, the tradition of sending a bouquet to your Valentine dates back further than many people realise. There are a number of traditions that can be traced back to Rome which is why it should come as no surprise that Valentine’s Day flowers are one of them. The Romans held an annual festival around this time of year and fresh flowers were used to symbolise fertility and love. The red rose in particular is a favourite for this occasion and, according to Roman mythology, Cupid’s mother is Venus, the goddess of love.

Like other old traditions, Valentine’s Day has changed over time. Around the world, florists find that this is one of the busiest times of the year. Both men and women place flower orders for their partners and many add extras like chocolates to their flower order.