Using flowers to make your own confetti

One of the most popular traditions associated with weddings is the moment all the joyful guests get to toss confetti in the air. Over the years, there have been many different types of confetti and some have proven more popular than others. From rice to paper, just about everything has been tossed at brides and grooms around the world. There is one thing we don’t usually like to think about, however, and that is the clean up!

Using rice as confetti might sound alright at first. It’s fairly traditional and cheap. However, if you are on the receiving end of all that rice, you could be in for a painful shock! No matter how gently your guests toss the confetti, rice is hard and can sting upon impact with your skin. Similarly, the small grains can get in everywhere – including your eyes. Since you probably don’t want to spend the first few hours of married life at the local ER, rice might not be the best option.

Paper and artificial materials have also been used over the years but many people are now avoiding this due to the mess and effect on the environment. Non-biodegradable materials can be a real pain to clean up and it’s far better to use something natural instead.

Some people think that bubbles will be the best choice for everyone. The great thing about bubbles is that you don’t have to worry about serious clean up efforts afterwards. However, bubbles might not go where your guests would like (depending on the wind) and the bubble mixture also tends to make hands sticky.

This leaves the most beautiful, natural option of all – fresh flower petals! Rose petals are a popular choice and, when you order your wedding flowers, ask your florist to include some fresh petals for confetti too! It’s as simple as that! Alternatively, if you know somebody who has a substantial rose garden, you could ask them to pluck the petals for you on the morning of the wedding. Either way, place the petals in a wicker basket and have your flower girl wait at the door for the guests to help themselves.

When rose petals are tossed, they are heavy enough to go in the right direction and they aren’t blown away quite as easily as regular paper confetti. They are soft which means that they will not hurt as they land and, finally, they are natural! Some cleaning up might be necessary but you don’t need to worry about picking up every single petal.