The most fragrant flowers for mum

If mum enjoys sweet-smelling blooms, then you can be sure that she will love the following flowers. Your bouquet does not need to contain all of these blooms, but you should try to include at least one of these flowers for mum.


These blooms have an unmistakable scent. Sweet and somewhat musky, their powerful perfume is easy to recognize. Available in several colours, they can be sent as potted plants or they can be included in a mixed bouquet.


Roses are most likely the top flower for just about every occasion. They are available in almost every colour and their scent is sweetly unique. These are great flowers for mum all on their own or they can be paired with other sensational blooms like lilies or freesia. Top colours for Mother’s Day include pink, white and even purple. Mixed bouquets that include several colours will also brighten her day.


Known for its calming and soothing effect, lavender is often used in bath and body products as well as potpourri and even certain perfumes. So, it makes sense that this bloom is on the best-smelling list. They are not often included in bouquets but if you have some growing in your garden, you can always include them yourself.


These blooms are known for being quite delicate so, if you choose these flowers for mum, you should make sure that they are not handled too much. Their petals can bruise easily so they need to be handled with care. Of course, their amazing scent is certainly worth it.


Also known as Peruvian Lilies, freesia is easy to recognize by its scent alone. They have a remarkable fruity smell and they are available in several colours. As mentioned above, they can be paired with roses. They can also be added to a bouquet with various lilies or even enjoyed all on their own.

These are a few of the top flowers for mum if you want to fill her home with some sweet scents. Many florists have bouquets that include one or more of these blooms in an arrangement. Not only are they paired based on the compatibility of their scents, but their colours and textures too.