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July birthday blooms for her

Choosing birthday blooms for someone born in July can be special, as it gives you the opportunity to select flowers that align with their birth month and convey meaningful sentiments. For July birthdays, the birth flower is the Larkspur, which symbolizes positivity, levity, and a strong sense of attachment. Additionally, the Water Lily is also […]

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Advantages of a flower subscription

Subscribing to a flower subscription service offers several advantages for both individuals and businesses who enjoy having fresh flowers regularly. Here are some of the key benefits: 1. Regular Delivery of Fresh Flowers – Convenience: Subscribers receive fresh flowers delivered right to their doorstep on a regular basis, saving time and effort in sourcing flowers […]

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The Best Flowers to Plant in July for Late Summer Blooms

Planting flowers in July for late summer and early autumn blooms ensures your garden stays vibrant and colourful well into the season. Here’s a guide to some of the best flowers to plant during this time to extend the beauty in your garden. 1. Dahlias (Dahlia spp.) – Description: Dahlias come in a wide range […]

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Top Ten July-Blooming Flowers for Your Garden

July is a vibrant month for gardens, filled with an array of stunning flowers that reach their peak bloom. Here’s a guide to the top ten July-blooming flowers, along with tips on how to grow them successfully in your garden: 1. Roses (Rosa spp.) – Description: Roses are classic and romantic flowers available in various […]

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Romantic flowers for your July anniversary

Choosing romantic flowers for a July anniversary can create a beautiful gesture that expresses love, admiration, and appreciation for your partner. Here are some romantic flower options that are perfect for celebrating your July anniversary: 1. Roses – Symbolism: Roses are timeless symbols of love and passion. – Colours: Red roses signify deep love and […]

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Hyacinth plant care advice

When you receive a fresh flower delivery, care is fairly simple. You will need to trim the stems, place them in fresh water and display them in a safe spot. When it comes to potted plants, like Hyacinths, some extra care will be required. The good news is that, if you find the right spot […]

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All you need to know about Freesia flowers

Freesia flowers are absolutely stunning and they can be added to a variety of different bouquets. Like other fresh flowers, they also have their own special meaning. These blooms are associated with unconditional love. They are an excellent gift for many occasions including anniversaries, Mother’s Day and anytime you want to let somebody know that […]

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Christmas bouquet care for long-lasting blooms

For most of us, Christmas is a particularly busy day, as are the days (or even weeks) leading up to the holidays. With so much to do, from decorating, to cooking, to cleaning and all the other things to make this occasion extra special. When it comes to buying flowers, it is not always easy […]

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