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Summer flower recipes you will love

When the weather warms up, plants come to life and flowers bloom. This gives us all the more reason to feel happy and positive. Not to mention all the amazing summer flower recipes we can enjoy around this time of year. If you want this summer season to be that much more colourful, give these […]

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Potted plant care and maintenance

All plants require regular care and they are all vulnerable to pets and disease. This is why it is so important to keep a close eye on each potted plant and treat any problems as soon as they arise. It also helps to do some research in advance to find out which bugs are attracted […]

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Geranium flower facts you may not know

When shopping for fresh blooms at your local florist, you will most likely come across a Geranium flower bouquet or at least geraniums included in mixed bouquets. They are extremely popular cut flowers for several reasons. One being the fact that they are large and colourful. This means that you don’t need a lot of […]

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Mini flower bouquet arranging

Not all flower arrangements need to fill a tall vase. A mini flower bouquet can be highly effective when it comes to filling a small space and adding colour to an otherwise dull corner. Even if you have no experience arranging flowers, you can create your very own mini arrangement by following these steps. Mini […]

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Peony flower bouquet care tips

A peony flower bouquet can liven up any room. Their abundant petals and luxurious beauty make them a hit in so many homes. They are also very popular as wedding flowers. Of course, they can be somewhat sensitive if not properly cared for. If you want your bouquet to last that much longer, here are […]

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Creating the perfect pink bouquet

Pink is one of the most popular colours when it comes to fresh flowers. Whether displayed all on their own or added to a mixed flower arrangement, pink flowers have a way of bringing any bouquet to life. The best part of all is that there are so many pink blooms out there! From hydrangeas […]

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TOP 5 – The Worlds most stunning Flowers

All over the world there are thousands upon thousands of different species of flowers. Included in these species are different shapes, different colours, different smells and different sizes. There are so many flowers to choose from it is difficult to find the perfect flower for your home, the perfect flower gift or the perfect species […]

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Top 8 flower names for babies

If your struggling to think of names for your new born children then flowers are a great inspiration. The names of flowers are beautiful and elegant and are often symbolic. Here is a quick run through of the top 8 flower baby names of 2011. Lily was the number one flower name for a baby […]

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