Study concludes Flowers decrease anxiety and worry

Flowers play an important role in our lives everyday whether you realise it or not. With most people wanting a relaxed and tranquil life new research has been done to see how this is achieved.

 The research was conducted by Nancy Etcoff, of Massachusetts general hospital and Harvard medical school and it reveals that people are less anxious and worried and are more welcoming and inviting to people they meet if they have freshly cut flowers in their homes.

 Etcoff states, “Other research has proven that flowers make people happy when they receive them. What we didn’t know is that spending a few days with flowers in the home can affect a wide variety of feelings”.

 Three main areas of the research that were uncovered were:

  1. Flowers show compassion:

    Participants of the study found that living with flowers in there homes for less than a week made them more kind and compassionate towards others.

  1. Flowers remove anxiety and worries from our lives:

After spending a few days with the flowers in peoples homes they reported that they were less negative towards family and friends. People placed the flowers in places around the home they visit most often such as the kitchen, dining room and living room. People claimed they wanted to see the flowers first thing in the morning.

  1. People who have flowers in there homes have a fresh determination for work:

Having flowers in our homes gives us a boost the can be carried into our working lives. The research showed that when living with flowers at home you have are happier and more enthusiastic about the prospect of work.

At the end of the research Dr Etcoff claimed that flowers have a positive effect on our well being, she said, “As a psychologist, I’m particularly intrigued to find that people who live with flowers report fewer episodes of anxiety and depressed feelings. Our results suggests that flowers have a positive impact on our well being”.


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