Spring garden preparation for the warmer months

The weather is finally warming up and the days are slowly getting longer. Now is the time for some essential spring garden preparation to ensure that you have the perfect natural getaway just a few steps outside your home.

Clean out your shed

While this might not sound like a spring garden preparation step, it really is! You cannot tend to your garden if you don’t know where all of your tools are hiding. Some of the might be broken or worse for wear. Take a good look around your shed, get everything organised and take note of any missing or damaged tools. It will save you a whole lot of time and trouble in the future.

Get rid of debris

Debris, old mulch and weeds have a way of building up over the winter. This is the perfect time to get rid of any unsightly plant material, including dead or dying plants. Anything that didn’t make it through the winter can be discarded. This will make your spring garden look fresh and tidy right away.

Pruning time

You may have noticed that some of your plants and trees have started to grow new wood. Well, now you can trim away some of that old wood to allow for healthy growth. It’s also good for keeping your trees in line and not allowing them to grow out of control.

Work the soil

Your spring garden needs some extra TLC around this time of year. Many nutrients would have been almost depleted over the past year and now is the time to give back. Invest in quality fertilizer and work it into the soil. Aerating the soil in preparation for plants and seeds will also help them grow that much faster.

Set up your planters

If you are planning on adding planters around your spring garden, you should set them up now. You want to know where they will go and you should have a plan in mind as to the plants you wish to grow in them. Planters are not only great for flowering plants. You can use them as mini herb gardens too!

Start planting

Different types of plants should be planted during different times of the year. Take note of any seeds, bulbs or seedlings that can be planted in your garden once there is no longer any risk of frost. If you plant too early and your plants encounter a frosty night, it can kill most or all of them off. Be patient when cultivating your spring garden, it will pay off in the end!

Add mulch

Since it’s not quite yet summer, your spring garden could use a little mulch. Not only will it act as a barrier against colder temperatures at night, but it will also help the soil retain moisture. So, you will not need to water as often.

With all of these spring garden preparation tips in mind, you can be sure that your garden will look amazing for the next few months. Some touching up and maintenance will be required during the summer and autumn, of course. However, with the proper preparation, gardening will prove to be very light work.