Spoil him for Valentine’s Day

Each year for Valentine’s Day, we see men rushing about for the best gifts and flowers for their special ladies. Times have changed and it’s high time the women did the same for the lucky men in their lives!  If men can spoil women, why shouldn’t they be pampered too? While men might not always admit it, they too enjoy being treated and pampered and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

Start by sending flowers

If Valentine’s Day falls on a week day and you and your man are working, there’s no reason not to send him flowers at work!  This will most certainly surprise the socks off of him and he won’t know what to expect next!

If Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend, you can still treat him to a bouquet.  Just have the florist deliver them the day before and make sure that you store them in a safe place overnight (NOT in the boot of your car or in the freezing garage).

Spoil him with a gift

When he arrives home from work or as soon as he wakes up (if Valentine’s Day is on a weekend), you can present him with his special Valentine’s Day gift.  This really can be anything you think he will enjoy.  Whether it’s a quality whisky hamper, a beer hamper or something that he has had his eye on for months, now is the time to make his dreams come true!

Prepare a meal

Going out to dinner is great if you haven’t been out for a while and you don’t feel like (or don’t have time) cooking and cleaning.  Dining out, however, does involve spending extra money and is perhaps not as intimate as a private dinner at home.

If you are up for preparing a meal at home, you can set up the table with some fragrant flowers, light candles, open a bottle of wine and wow him with your culinary skills.  Just make sure that you have everything prepared before he arrives home so that you have time to get cleaned up and looking fabulous when he sees you.

If you are limited in terms of time or cooking skills, you could always order take out from your favourite restaurant and simply plate it up!  Now you can enjoy restaurant quality food in the privacy of your own home and you won’t have to tip the waiter!

Couples with kids

If you find that your family responsibilities often get in the way of romance, this is the perfect opportunity to let your kids sleep over at a friend or have your parents babysit.  Let somebody else take the reins while you and your man stoke that fire and enjoy some much needed time alone.