Sending the right message with each bouquet

We have all sent at least one bunch of flowers at some point. Whether for a birthday, as a gift for Mother’s Day or even a romantic gesture, fresh flowers have a way of sending the right message at just the right time. Of course, if you have ever browsed around online for flowers, you would have noticed that certain flowers are grouped together under different categories. For example, the romantic flower category will be filled with red flowers and perhaps a few pink bouquets too. Roses are popular in this category and red roses are the top choice. Understanding the meaning behind each type of flower and the colour, will help you choose the best bunch for any occasion.

Roses are one of the most popular of all florist flowers. The are available in various colours but they are all known for sending some kind of message of love. Red roses are known for sending a deep romantic message while yellow roses represent friendship. That said, yellow roses are also associated with the 50th year of marriage.

Orchids are another crowd favourite and they might have a somewhat higher price tag but they are worth every penny! This flower is a symbol of elegance and it is also associated with the 28th anniversary of marriage. As lovely and hardy as they are as cut flowers, most prefer to send the potted variety since it will last that much longer.

If you are looking for an affordable flower for a loved one, then consider chrysanthemums. These flowers are associated with the 13th wedding anniversary and they send a message of fidelity and faithfulness. You could also send these flowers to a friend when you want to let them know that you will stand by them through a difficult time.

Another favourite when it comes to price is the carnation. As affordable as these flowers are, they also last really long! They are a great gift for Mother’s Day and they are known to symbolize pride. Celebrate your first wedding anniversary by sending carnations to your spouse but remember to always check the meaning of the colour before you do! As a romantic gesture, you can’t go wrong with red.

South Africa’s King Protea is not only a symbol for the country’s cricket team but also associated with courage and strength. This is probably why it was chosen to represent the team! While you are not permitted to pick these flowers, you can order them from a florist since these are specially cultivated for use in bouquets. Usually displayed on their own or with some right foliage, you can be sure that these flowers will impress any luck recipient.