Send roses for Mother’s Day

When choosing the ideal flowers for Mother’s Day, you will notice that there are a number of amazing options. Your florist will even have a section specially dedicated to Mother’s Day bouquets. If you are not sure which blooms to choose, you could always send roses. Of course, given the romantic nature of these blooms, it’s important to keep the following points in mind.

Each colour has a meaning

Just like many other flowers, each colour rose has a different meaning. Yellow is associated with friendship while red is a symbol of romance. If you would like to avoid unintentionally sending a romantic message, you could always opt for a bouquet that includes several colours.

Romantic gesture

If you want to send roses to your spouse or partner for Mother’s Day, you don’t need to worry about accidentally sending a romantic bouquet. Red roses will, therefore, be a lovely gift. Of course, if you would like to send some love without it looking like Valentine’s Day bouquet, you could choose pink roses instead.

Consider your budget

One of the main factors to consider before you send flowers for any occasion is your budget. If you are not able to go all out, you can always opt for a bud flower arrangement instead of a massive bouquet. A single perfect stem can send a heartfelt message and it won’t break the bank either.

No matter which bouquet you choose, you should always remember to include a message card when you send roses for Mother’s Day. Even after the bouquet eventually perishes, the words you write in the card is something she can cherish for many years to come.