Save money on Christmas flowers with these vase ideas

If you look around at flowers online, you will notice how many bouquets are beautifully arranged in vases. In some cases your florist will include a free vase as part of a promotion or you can choose to add a vase to your flower order. The advantages of choosing to add a vase to your flower include saving time, money, and you don’t have to worry about finding the right vase – your florist will take care of that for you!

Of course, many people are looking for ways to keep vase costs as low as possible to that they can spend as little as possible or even to allow more room in their budget for a more expensive bouquet. The good news is that there are a number of great household items you can use to display flower arrangements and this will help you stay on budget. Remember, the vase you choose should suit the flowers and their colours.

First things first, rustic arrangements look lovely in silver or copper buckets as well as old watering cans. If you don’t have one on hand, you will be able to find something suitable at your local thrift shop or maybe even from a neighbour. Baskets are also great for holding flowers. Simply place a plastic tray in the basket and add an arrangement that has been set in floral foam. The plastic tray will protect the basket from getting wet and you have a real countryside theme!

As for Christmas bouquets, you can use just about anything you find around the house! Take old cans for example. Once you’re done opening all those peas, corn, and any other canned goods, you can remove the labels and use them to hold flowers! You can cover or paint the exterior of the cans accordig to a festive theme. One easy trick is to cut out some paper Christmas trees and stick them to your cans. Spray paint your cans, let them dry, and then remove the paper trees! Use red, blue, gold, or even green. Just make sure that you choose metallic colours for best results.

You can also use mason jars to hold flowers and, once the flowers have perished, the recipient can reuse the jar to store various items! Mason jars are most popular in the kitchen for storing items that don’t do particularly well in their original packaging. You can tie a festive ribbon around the mason jar or even buy some holiday stickers to stick on the outside.

Remember, you don’t necessarily have to opt for a vase. If you are short on cash or if you know that the recipient already has an impressive vase collection, then simply have your florist wrap the flowers in some festive colours and you’re all set! Instead of buying a vase, you can add chocolates or a bottle of bubbly to your flower order!