Record 15 foot Sunflowers brings joy to neighbourhood

A record breaking sunflower has been measured at a staggering 15 foot rising up to 6 inches a day. This is one of the tallest sunflowers ever recorded. The semi-detached dwelling at Towhead has got many of the residents smiling.

It is a wonder how this sunflowers has managed to grow so tall. The flowers were originally purchased for £1 as a starter kit from supermarket giant Asda. They definitely bought more that the bargained for with this flower.

Proud owners of the giant flower, children Charlie (ages 7) and Rosie (aged 4) both pictured have taken great care of the sunflower. Parents say they children religiously watered the flower before bed. This just goes to show that with a little TLC wonders can be created.

Sunflowers are a relatively easy flower to grow. They like to face the sun and if they are place in an open space you will see as they gaze at the sun, and as the sum moves position they move with it, limping there flower heads in the evening as they sleep. Sunflowers are a great way to get children involved in gardening and flowers.