Putting flower frogs to good use

When it comes to floristry and flower arranging, there are some basic tools that will prove handy time and time again. Flower frogs are the perfect example of a handy tool that every florist should add to their collection.

Flower frogs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Different types of frogs suit different types of arrangements and flowers. Some work well with thin stems whereas others are better suited for thicker stems. They are often green but they are also available in several other colours. Made from plastic or metal, they can be submerged under water and they will keep all of your precious flowers in place.

Since they are made from durable materials, flower frogs are reusable which means that you can build up a collection. When using your flower frog, you should also use it along with some clay. Place a few clay balls along the base of the frog before pressing the frog into place in the vase or container. The clay holds the frog in place which means that you don’t need to worry about your bouquet tipping over. The clay also helps protect your container from getting scratched or damaged.

As you add each stem to your flower frog, you can rest assured that they will stay at the angle you need. They can be upright or at an angle if you prefer. Some of them are even made up of evenly spaced holes so that each flower is perfectly spaced apart. So, if you plan on making perfect floral displays, do yourself a favour and invest in at least one flower frog!