Proteas for your bridal bouquet

If you are tired of all the usual popular flowers used in bridal bouquets, why not opt for something a little bit different? Proteas are exotic, luxurious, and their beautiful colours are matched only by their richness in texture. Here are some things to consider when picking Proteas for your bouquet.

Types of Proteas

There are several types of Proteas and your choice will likely depend on your budget as well as availability. The Queen Protea has an almost goblet-like shape with the petals facing towards one another over the centre of the flower. It has shades of pink and white. The King Protea is pink, white, and has a dash of yellow too. It has more of an open appearance with more pointed petals. The Pincushion Protea really suits its name and looks like a pincushion pierced by dozens of bright orange, red, and yellow pins. The Pink Ice Protea is similar to the Queen Protea in terms of shape but it has noticeably shorter petals and is also only pink in colour. Finally, the Blushing Bride Protea is mainly white with pink, yellow, and green accents. Unlike other Proteas, these flowers are smaller and they appear as a cluster on a stem rather than a single flower per stem.

What to include

When using Proteas as your focal flower, you will need to choose your mass and filler material carefully. You want to stick to the theme while also allowing the Proteas to really stand out. Succulents, Eucalyptus, and Amaranthus are ideal if you prefer pastel shades. Alternatively, you could use Sea Holly, Orchids, and Succulents to create a more vibrant bouquet. King Proteas are so large that, if you like, you can simply pair one of these flowers with some Eucalyptus foliage and you’re all set!

Remember, you should only buy Proteas from a reputable florist. In their natural environment, Proteas are protected and picking them yourself can result in significant charges including heafty fines.