New to Prestige Flowers- Twin stemmed Orchids

Prestige Flowers have now added the beautiful twin stemmed orchids to their plant range. This orchid is a Phalaenopsis, or as its better known as the Moth Orchid. Quite simple because the beautiful petals make them look like a giant moth. Each of their flower plants come in very stylish ceramic pots, the orchids come in a tall modern one. Orchids are a fantastic to give as a flower gift. They last a long time and are really easy to look after; therefore you needn’t worry that the recipient won’t appreciate them because they might not know how to look after them. Orchids enjoy the same conditions as we do, they like there room temperature not to be too hot or too cold and like to be watered about once a week (I know we need watering more than that) but you catch my drift.

The orchid is by far the UK’s number 1 plant. It is thought that 1 in 6 households have some type of Orchid in their house.  Prestige flowers now offer this gorgeous plant for UK next day delivery. Each plant can be sent with a personalised message card and a delicious box of Belgian chocolates all for Free.