Plant care advice – the best water to use

When growing potted plants, it is important to make sure that you offer them everything that they need. One of the main concerns when it comes to plant care is the best type of water to use. Not all water is the same and it’s important to make sure that you are aware of the needs of your plant and how different minerals will affect their health. Here are some of the main points to consider when choosing water for your plants.


The soil in your garden and even potting soil will contain several minerals, including salt. When it comes to plant care, you need to monitor the salt levels of the soil properly in order to prevent too much salt from causing them to perish. Some salt is needed in order to facilitate osmosis which is the process used to absorb nutrients from the soil. Too much, however, can slow the process of osmosis and this will cause your plant to wilt and the leaves will become yellow.


Sugar is included in flower preserve packages and this is normally excellent for cut stems. However, just like salt, sugar needs to be kept at just the right level. Proper plant care requires that you keep sugar levels moderate. Too much sugar will cause the plant to become dehydrated. So, if you notice that your plants are wilting and you do not see any signs of dry soil or damage to the plant, you should try planting other plants in this area to help absorb all that sugar. The same can be done if there is too much salt in the soil.

Filtered water

Many people choose to water their plants with filtered or tap water. Tap water is often used for garden plants while filtered water is used for potted plants. The one issue that you may encounter, however, is the fact that these two types of water do not offer much in terms of nutritional value. This is an issue if your soil is already pretty much exhausted of nutrients. At this stage, you will need to add fertilizer before watering to replenish the soil. If your soil is rich in nutrients, the water will not oversaturate it with minerals and it will make it easier for your plants to absorb everything they need to thrive.

On a final note, there is nothing better than rain water when it comes to plants and plant care. Rain water can be gathered in various drums and you can even fit them with a tap or tube to allow for easy watering.