Planning a relaxing home spa day

In times of stress, there is nothing better than some much-needed pampering. Of course, we cannot always go to the spa. Don’t let this stop you! Plan your very own home spa day and soothe both body and mind. If you are not sure where to start, here are a few easy steps to follow.

Gentle lighting

The one thing ever home spa day needs is the right lighting. So, you might want to draw those curtains or shades before lighting some sweet scented candles. Choose your favourite scent to fill the room and end the soft lighting.

Relaxing music

Many people do not enjoy complete silence. There is something about silence that can be unsettling. You also don’t want a noisy environment. So, the best approach is to choose some good music that you consider easy listening. Choose music that you enjoy and that helps you feel relaxed but does not affect your mood negatively.

Your beverage of choice

When you go to an actual spa, you are often treated to something like tea or even a glass of bubbly. Your home spa day should be no different. Choose a beverage based on your preferences and enjoy! It’s as simple as that.

Bath time

If you have a bath tub, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxing soak. It’s the best way to prepare for the rest of your treatments. You can use a bath bomb, bath salts, luxury soaps and various products in your bath water to make the experience extra special. This is not necessarily a part of a regular spa day but it definitely should be part of your home spa day experience. If you have a shower, use this opportunity to gently exfoliate from top to bottom and give your body that glow back.

Fabulous facial

Once you are all cleaned up and feeling good, it’s time to apply your favourite face products. There are many different face masks on the market. Just remember to read the ingredients and choose one that is suited for your skin type. If you are not a fan of face masks, it’s not an absolute must for a home spa day. You can always give your face a good exfoliating wash before applying moisturiser.


Speaking of moisturiser, this goes for your entire body! When planning your home spa day, remember it’s not just a matter of slapping lotion all over. Now is your chance to treat yourself to the best-smelling lotion you have tucked away for special occasions. Gently apply it to each area of your body and massage gently to soothe those muscles while you enjoy the scent.

Hands and feet

Now it’s time for those hands and feet! You might want to start with your feet since it will leave your hands free afterwards. Clean up those toenails, treat your cuticles, trim and buff away dead skin. If you have dry feet, areas with thick skin or even cracked heels, make sure that you use the appropriate foot cream. If you are unsure, ask your doctor for their recommendations. When you are done, you can take the time to moisturise your hands and touch up those nails.

There you have it! A few easy steps to follow when planning your home spa day. When shopping for spa products, remember that quality is essential. Pamper hampers are an excellent choice for yourself and as a gift for your loved ones. They include several items designed to make the recipient feel special.