New Year’s flowers – your top choices this year

There is nothing like a fresh bouquet of blooms to brighten your home in time for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. If you are not sure what types of blooms to choose for this special occasion, here are some of the top New Year’s flowers that you and your guests will adore!


These are great New Year’s flowers for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are in season which means that you will find them even more affordable than usual. Secondly, they are one of the longest lasting types of blooms available which means that you will enjoy great value for money too. Carnations are available in a wide variety of colours which means that you can choose shades that suit the colour scheme of your event.

Lilies make great New Year’s flowers

These blooms are the very picture of elegance. They have a simple yet exotic appeal about them and many varieties are known for their sweet perfume. If you are concerned about pollen ruining your tablecloths, you can have the stamen removed from these flowers to prevent stains. Lilies can be paired with other blooms or displayed all on their own along with some lush foliage. No matter how you choose to display them, lilies will always be amazing New Year’s flowers.


There is no denying the classic beauty of roses. These beautiful blooms are available in several colours and there are also a number of types of roses from which to choose. Some are larger than others and the intensity of their perfume may also vary. To create a memorable bouquet of New Year’s flowers for your home, you can select simply roses or you can pair them with other blooms like lilies.

Remember, when in doubt, you can always display a mixed bouquet. The only piece of advice that you should remember is to choose New Year’s flowers that will suit the colour scheme of your event. For instance, if you already have a white tablecloth, you should place a colourful overlay on top so that your white blooms will stand out. Alternatively, you should choose a red bouquet or even a mixed pastel arrangement for your table. Make sure that the colour of your tablecloth or overlay does not ‘hide’ the beauty of your blooms.