How to make your own flower confetti

Confetti is often associated with weddings. What many people don’t realise is that we can use confetti for other happy occasions too. Think about surprising somebody for their birthday by filling the air with confetti as they make their entrance. Or what about a couple celebrating their anniversary? Another common misconception is that confetti needs to consist of small pieces of paper or plastic. Not only are these tiny pieces tough to clean up, but their’ also not exactly environmentally friendly either. Fortunately, there is a beautiful and natural alternative – flower petals!

Flower petals are biodegradable so you don’t need to worry if a few petals go astray. In fact, depending on your location and the amount of confetti you toss, you might not need to clean up at all since the petals will actually enrich the soil.

Of all the flowers at your local florist, roses are the top choice when it comes to confetti. The petals are large, soft, and they don’t bruise as easily as many other delicate blooms. They can also be stored for a longer period of time without withering or becoming discoloured.

If you are planning on making your own flower confetti, you have a couple of options. Obviously, the option you choose will depend on how much confetti you need. If you have a friend or neighbour with a rose garden that’s in full bloom, you might be able to convince them to cut a bunch for you to use. Alternatively, you could buy fresh roses from your florist. If you ask for those that are already in full bloom and won’t last as cut flowers for more than a few days, you might be able to get them at a cheaper price.

Take your stems home and place them in water. Trim the stems just as you would any flower arrangement and tend to your roses as you would a fresh bouquet until you need to pluck the petals and make your confetti. It’s good to wait as long as possible before plucking the petals. If you need to prepare your confetti the night before, then you should wash the flowers thoroughly and make sure that they are dry before you begin. Once you remove the petals from the stem, place them in a plastic container lined with some paper towels. The container needs to be airtight in order to keep humidity and other elements at bay. Place the container in your fridge overnight to keep the petals fresh for use the next morning.