Keep cut zinnias beautiful for longer

Zinnias are known to bloom during the summer months and they are great for brightening up your garden and your home. If you are fortnuate enough to have these gorgeous flowers blooming in your garden, you will have an abundant supply of fresh flowers to enjoy throughout the season. Alternatively, you can contact your florist and place a flower order. Whether you pick them from your garden or you buy them from a flower shop, the goal is always to make sure that they last as long as possible. Here are some important tips to remember when decorating your home or office with zinnias.

If you are cutting these flowers from your garden, you should have a bucket with fresh water on hand. As soon as you cut the flower, place the stem in the bucket so that they don’t dehydrate. You should also only use a sharp knife or cutting instrument to cut the flowers. If not sharp enough, you could end up crushing the stem and damaging the flower as well as the plant.

It’s also best to pick flowers during the cooler part of the day like in the early morning or later in the afternoon. Pick zinnias that have started to open but are not yet fully opened. If they are already fully opened, they won’t last too long once cut. Partially opened flowers will continue to open in the vase and you will get to enjoy them for that much longer. Tightly shut buds might not open once cut so you should leave them on the plant.

Once all of your zinnias are cut or once they arrive from the florist, you will need to dissolve some flower food in the vase water before adding your flowers. As you place each stem in the vase, you should trim the stems. Cut each stem at an angle so that they don’t rest flat against the bottom of the vase. It’s also a good idea to trim stems underwater if you want to prevent air bubbles from entering the stems.

Remember to display your zinnias away from air conditioners, fans, and direct sunlight. Monitor the vase water daily. Clean out the vase water every couple of days or so and, if needed, you should trim the stems to give them a clear surface for more effective absorption. Every time you change the vase water, you should add more flower preserve to keep your zinnias happy and beautiful for longer.