Jersey Battle of Flowers, the winners from yesterdays Grand Day Parade are in.

The highest prize, the Prix D’Honneur, was awarded to The Optimists Club for their float, The Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines. The float included Big Ben, an aircraft and large flying clouds, made up of thousands of flowers, and was based on the 1965 British comedy of the same name.

The Prix D’Excellence, the second place prize, was awarded to the winners of the past four years, St Clement, with their Peter Pan themed float.

29 floats took part, with over 20,000 people lining the streets to watch the floral parade.

Even more joy was to be found on the Chris Bidan family and friends float, where Chris, dressed as Prince Charming, popped the question to his unsuspecting girlfriend Lesley Peyton, Cinderella, as the float approached the main grandstand.

The Prix-d’honneur de Papier, the highest award for a float made with paper flowers, was awarded to Gnomeville, made by Peter Heath, family and friends.

The floats will return tonight for a fireworks display and moonlight parade.