Interesting orchid facts you may not know

Orchids are one of the most fascinating and elegant flowers that you will find at your local florist. There are several types of and colours available and they are used as cut flowers and enjoyed as potted plants too. Here are some interesting orchid facts that you may not know.

Exotic beauties

One of the most important orchid facts to remember is that these flowers are exotic. They thrive in such locations as South America and Hawaii. Not only are they exotic in appearance, but this also determines the conditions required in order to help your orchid plant thrive.

Orchid hunting

One of the lesser known orchid facts is that, during Victorian times, explorers were dispatched by the more wealthy in search of new orchids. The orchid was very much seen as a status symbol and discovering a new variety became their obsession.

Popular houseplants

Of all the plants you will find at your florist, orchids are one of the most popular. Not only do people love sending orchid plants as gifts, but they also enjoy ordering them for their own home. Provided their needs are met, these plants will bloom year after year.

Bloom cycle

When caring for this plant in your home, you will notice that they bloom for several months. This is one of the orchid facts that attracts people to buying orchids for themselves and their loved ones.

Easy to grow

As previously mentioned, there are a number of types and colours of orchids available. Different varieties require different levels of care. It is reassuring to know, however, that there are several varieties that are really easy to grow. Some of the top choices include Dendrobium, Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis orchids.

These are just a few orchid facts that will help you understand these flowers and their popularity a bit better. Even if you are new to caring for these plants, there really is nothing to fear. In fact, many people find that orchids are easier to grow than many other popular houseplants.