Interesting facts about sunflowers

Sunflowers are impressive for a number of reasons. When you see a field of sunflowers, you can’t help but be amazed by the gorgeous colour and sheer size of these flowers. Apart from their use in agriculture, these gorgeous blooms also look great in a vase.

One interesting fact that you might not know about sunflowers is that they can grow incredibly tall. The tallest of which grew to just over 9 metres in height! While you might not display a 9 metre bunch in your home, you certainly can rely on these flowers for tall arrangements.

Sunflowers not only resemble the sun thanks to their bright petals, but they also follow the sun every day! This is why you will notice that their stems are twisted. The flower head turns slowly along with the sun as the stem grows and a twisted stem is the result.

Sunflowers also have the incredible power to absorb radiation. After such disasters as Chernoble and Fukushima, sunflowers were planted as part of the efforts to rid the area of such dangerous substances. Of course, it’s important to note that these flowers were planted in large quantities in order to have the desired effect. Given the devastation caused by these disasters, it’s easy to understand why so many flowers were needed.

With the arrival of autumn, it’s also good to note that sunflowers are excellent additions to autumn bouquets. If you can still find them at your local florist, make the most of these flowers and display them along with some dark green foliage in a wicker basket or the perfect final touch! Send sunflowers to a friend to celebrate your friendship or even for other occasions like birthdays or to welcome a new baby. Sunflowers are one of the easiest flowers to recognise and they definitely brighten up any room.