Impressing him with fresh flowers

Times are changing and so are traditions. For so many years fresh flowers were thought of as gifts for women. These days, men have come to appreciate the beauty of professionally arranged bouquets and just how special this gift really is. When you want to WOW him with a gorgeous flower delivery, make sure that you remember these essential guidelines:

The first step is to take colours into consideration. For women, pastels are the most popular. For men, on the other hand, it’s best to stick to bold, bright colours. Natural colours or even green bouquets can also be sent to men.

As for the style, you should look for something with a modern or artsy design. Think of oriental flower displays and how this minimalist approach with strong lines (using bamboo) makes the arrangement perfect for any man.

If the recipient has a particular hobby or interest, you could always find ways of including them in the design. For example, if he enjoys golf, you can add golf balls to the vase. You could even ask your florist to make a flower arrangement in various shapes!

If you are still not sure about the type of flowers, the colour, or the style, there is one safe bet that will never let you down – send a plant! Plants are also available from most florists and they offer the added benefit of being longer lasting than a bouquet of cut flowers. Just make sure that you choose the right plant for him. A busy businessman might not be home all that much or he could even forget to tend to the plant. This is when a succulent will be your best bet! If you know that he has a plant collection, then it’s safe to add to that by giving him a plant that you believe will suit his personality and preferences.

Just like any other gift, when you shop for flowers for him, the most important thing to remember is the reason your buying this gift. Keep the recipient in mind and this will help you choose something truly special and impressive.