What do hydrangeas mean

Hydrangeas are often thought of as large blooms but they are in fact clusters of smaller flowers on a single stem. They are available in several colours and the colour of these blooms depends on the pH of the soil. These flowers look lovely on their own but they can also complement other blooms in the arrangement.

Hydrangeas represent understanding, devotion, and friendship which is just one reason why they are so popular to send to loved ones. The Greek words hydor (water) and angos (vessel) are behind the name of this flower. The water meaning refers to the cup shape of the flowers and the plant’s need for lots of water.

Florists often use hydrangeas to form a base for certain flower arrangements. One good example is funeral flowers. Funeral crosses can be decorated with hydrangeas with colourful blooms added here and there as accents or to create a bright focal point. Consider something like white hydrangeas paired with bright roses for example.

Some people believe that hydrangeas are a traditional flower for the 4th year of marriage. However the actual flower for this anniversary is the geranium. Some geraniums resemble mini hydrangeas but these two flowers are not in any way related. Despite the fact that hydrangeas are not associated with this occasion or for any particular month of the year, they are still a popular choice for many people. Due to their large size, you will not need too many of these flowers to fill a vase.

Hydrangeas can be used for various occasions. They are also an affordable option and perfect for pampering a loved one with an impressive bouquet that doesn’t cost a fortune. They can be a friendly or romantic gesture. Just make sure that you include the appropriate message in the card provided by your florist!