Honouring your parents’ anniversary

Anniversaries are important occasions for all couples, including your parents. When you are young, you may not remember the exact date but as you get older, you start to remember all of those milestones. Another great part about getting older is that you get to celebrate too! Here are some ways in which you can honour your parents’ anniversary.

Gifts, dinner or a party

Every anniversary is associated with a different traditional gift, modern gift, flower and colour. So, if you are looking for a way of sending a sentimental gift every year, use these as your inspiration. For planning a romantic dinner or a party that family and friends can attend, it’s good to remember the colours and flowers for each year. This will help you decorate appropriately.

When one parent has passed on

When one of your parents pass away, it can be especially difficult for the other. Especially on occasions like birthdays, Christmas and their anniversary. This is why it is important for you to be there for them and show them that you care. Take some time out of your busy schedule to visit your mum or dad and take something like flowers or a gift hamper along with you. While they might be feeling a little down today, you can present them with a gift to lift their spirits.

When both parents have passed away

If both of y our parents have passed away, their anniversary is something that you will remember with mixed emotions. You will most likely feel sadness since you no longer have them around. You may also feel joy when you think of all the wonderful memories. If your parents are buried beside one another, you can take some flowers to their graves and honour their anniversary in this way. Alternatively, you can set some flowers and a candle beside a photograph of the two of them together.

Every anniversary is worth honouring and remembering. So, even if one or both of your parents has passed away, you can still celebrate this day in the most respectful and thoughtful way. At first, it might be extremely emotional but, over time, it can become a lovely tradition that helps keep their memory alive.