Health benefits of gardening

If you enjoy gardening, you will know just how great it can make you feel. Of course, not everyone knows just how many amazing health benefits there are for those who take some time out of their busy week to tend to their plants. Here are some of the top reasons why you should make the time for your garden.

Reduce stress

There are many stressful aspects in our lives and many of them come from technology such as all those notifications we tend to get on our phones. No matter where you go, your phone will usually be nearby enough to distract you from whatever you are doing. One of the major health benefits of gardening is that it will help you relax. Yes, you can leave your phone nearby but you could at least disconnect from the internet. That way, you are available in the event of an emergency but you will not be bothered unnecessarily. Unplugging from technology is essential if you want to give your mind a rest.


Some types of gardening will involve sitting or kneeling for extended periods of time. However, trimming branches, plucking weeds and raking up leaves all involve a fair amount of physical effort. If you spend a lot of your time behind a desk, this will be a great bit of light exercise and there are so many health benefits to consider when it comes to physical activity.

Vitamin D

While spending time outdoors, you are bound to get some extra sun. The sun is a great source of Vitamin D which is essential for ensuring that calcium is properly absorbed and for your immune system. It’s important that you spend time in the sun during the earlier and later parts of the day to limit exposure to any harmful rays.

Sense of achievement

In terms of psychological health benefits, you will certainly enjoy a great sense of achievement once you have successfully tended to your garden. When you welcome guests, you will feel confident and even proud to invite them to view your amazing work and you will really enjoy spending time outside, having a cup of tea as you admire what you have managed to accomplish.

While these health benefits mainly apply to those with gardens, you too can enjoy gardening even if you only have balcony space to spare. Potted plants can bring you plenty of joy and a fantastic sense of reward.