Guide to choosing the right kind of flowers for occasions

Most people know that flowers make excellent gifts, for Christmas, birthdays, valentines day, or just letting someone know how much you care. But choosing the right flower for the right occasion can make all of the difference, please continue reading our exclusive guide on the kind of flowers you should go for , for the right occasion:


 There are many ways for someone to congratulate another, but there are very few ways that actually visually express that notion, great flowers to send for congratulating someone would be bright, varied coloured flowers, such as Freesias, as these are large, bright, warmly coloured flowers which convey emotions of happiness to the recipient, and are a great and easy way to say well done!


Romance is possibly one of the biggest reasons people send flowers, to express feelings of love towards one another, and there is no question that the greatest flower to show this emotion is non other than the non disputed king of the flower world; the Rose. Boasting tall stems, and large, well rounded spherical flowers that bear the typical deep red colour coupled with its unmatched fragrance, make Roses the perfect flower to give as a way of saying those three special words to someone you care about.

Get well soon

It has been proven that flowers are beneficial to peoples’ health, and are  great way to let someone who is under the weather know you are thinking about them, and help them to a speedy recovery. An ideal flower gift for this kind of situation would be a blend of brightly coloured flowers, such as a combination of;  Roses, Carnation, Freesias and Gerberas. When combined, they provide a perfect mix of fragrances, and optimistic, colourful flowers, which are bound to make anyone feel that bit better.

Thank you

Perhaps instead of getting somebody a gift, you would like to thank someone for something they’ve  done for you, maybe they have sent you some flowers, or maybe you would just like to thank someone for all they’ve done for you, so you need to pick the right flowers for the job.  We recommend something along the lines of ; pink Gerberas, pink Carnations, fresh Freesias, blue blooms, and finished off with some beautiful pink Roses, it’s the perfect way to show your appreciation , and who knows, maybe you’ll get some “you’re welcome” flowers in return!

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