Funeral flowers suited for men

While we don’t like to think of such events as funerals, they are a part of our lives and it is something we will need to prepare for at some stage. Rather than allowing grief to get the better of you, why not honour them with the perfect funeral flowers? Here are some of the best options when you want to give a beloved man the send off he deserves.

Different meanings

It is important to keep in mind that funeral flowers should convey the appropriate message and different blooms send different messages. Some flowers that are associated with farewell include cyclamens and calendulas. They are great for paying your respects.

Their favourite flowers

Another lovely way of honouring him with the most thoughtful funeral flowers is by choosing bouquets that include his favourite type of flower. If, for example, he loved growing hydrangeas or roses in his garden, you can certainly use them to decorate his memorial service.

The colours they loved

Colour is often something that many people avoid when it comes to funeral flowers but this does not need to be the case. Yes, white and green arrangements are very respectful and elegant. However, you can use this opportunity to celebrate his life rather than creating a completely somber atmosphere. By including splashes of his favourite colour, you will lighten the mood while paying tribute to him.

Types of blooms

If the man you wish to honour is your partner or spouse, you should consider using roses as part of your floral d├ęcor. These blooms have a wonderful way of expressing love and affection. You can use white roses and even add some stems in his favourite colour if you like.

Top choices

If you are still not sure about the best funeral flowers for him, you can always consider some popular options like carnations and chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums are associated with Christ as well as friendship. In some countries, they are the floral symbol of grief.

Remember, there is no wrong type of funeral flowers. Even exotic blooms could prove perfect if the person you are honouring would frequent various tropical locations. Think of their personality and the life they lead. This will help guide you when making your choice.