Fresh flowers and the joy they bring

Fresh flowers are one of the most popular gifts to send for any occasion. Whether you want to wish somebody a happy birthday, celebrate your anniversary, wish somebody good luck or even express your gratitude, the right bouquet can go a long way. What many people do not realise is that when you send an arrangement, you don’t just bring joy to the recipient, but you can feel that amazing joy of giving too.

The right colours

Online shopping is more popular than ever for a number of reasons. One of the main benefits is that you can browse at your leisure and compare dozens of bouquets before making your choice. Fresh flowers come in various colours and each colour will send a different message. This is particularly true when it comes to roses. For instance, red roses are a romantic gesture while yellow roses represent friendship and white ones are a symbol of purity. When you choose the right colours for the recipient and with the occasion in mind, you can be sure that the flower delivery will make them smile from ear to ear!

Your message counts

When placing your order, your florist will also allow you to include your very own personal message. Since the card has limited space, you might need to condense your message a little. Remember, this card and your heartfelt words will last long after your fresh flowers eventually perish.

Potted plants are great too

While fresh flowers tend to last for a couple of weeks or so, potted plants will last even longer. If you want a gift that will last, you should consider a plant that will be easy to care for such as a succulent, rose plant or even an orchid.

Unexpected surprise

Remember, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to send a bouquet. You can send flowers just because too! In fact, when you are not celebrating a special occasion, you can be sure that your gift will bring the recipient even more joy. Their joy becomes your joy as you will feel good about the way you made them feel.

If you always give with an open and loving heart, this will be felt by the recipient. Whether you choose fresh flowers, a potted plant or even a silk bouquet, the recipient will be able to tell whether or not your heart was in the right place. Apart from the message you include, your choice in flowers will also help show just how much care you took when choosing this gift. For instance, if the recipient has a particular favourite colour or favourite type of flower, you could include this in the bouquet to show that you care enough to pay attention to their preferences.