Flowers to suit different décor

When choosing flowers for your home, office, or for a loved one, you might want to consider the décor before making your selection. It’s not just about the size or colour of the bouquet but also the overall style. For example, some floral displays are modern whereas others are best suited for more traditional settings.

An American Country style bouquet would be arranged in a creative container like a jug or watering can. The flowers should not be arranged absolutely perfectly and they should resemble a hand picked bunch from the local field. Yarrow, wild Roses, and Heather are all excellent examples of flowers to use in this kind of arrangement. Stick to subtle colours rather than corals or bright shades.

For a more casual statement for the average home or office, you can select a simple vase or container without any significant design traits or markings. You should also keep the flower arrangement as simple as possible but, this time, you can use any colours you like. The size of the bouquet will depend on its location. The smaller the table, the smaller the bouquet will need to be. If you like, you could even set up three bud arrangements instead of a single, larger arrangement.

A classic flower arrangement requires flowers that make a bit more of a bold statement – like Snapdragons. This bouquet can use height, width, and lots of colour. Set on a raised flower holder and arrange other memorable objects like photo frames around the base for that subtle personal touch.

Modern flower bouquets have a kind of linear style that is echoed in the vase design. The vase should be absolutely plain in terms of colour and design. White, black, silver, or clear glass are the most popular options. Usually, the bouquet will consist of a single type of flower in one colour or similar colours. For example, a silver vase would look wonderful when filled with red Callas in the middle and orange Callas around the edge.

Finaly, don’t forget about Victorian style flower arrangements! These are some of the most popular for ladies and they are highly sophisticated. They require the most feminine of flowers like Roses and Peonies. The textures and colours of these blooms make them ideal. You also need an appropriate vase. Crystal is a popular choice as well as authentic ceramic vases with various painted designs.

If you are ever unsure about the best type of bouquet to buy, remmeber that the classic option usually works well in most settings. If you are trying to create a particular theme, then share these details with your florist when you place your flower order.