Flowers to help take away the sniffles and reduce sick days!

A Norwegian doctor has found in a recent study that flowers can lessen tiredness, coughing and other flu type virus’s by up to 32.5%. The study showed that by having flowers in your home and work place can help productivity, and increase general health and boost the immunity system, therefore reducing the risk of coming down with a cold. The study results have sparked the interest on many large cooperation’s wanting to reduce the amount of sick leave the staff take. In a company of 100 or more employees, it is thought that 5 bouquets of flowers would be suffcient enough to boost the health of the employees.

Other notable results from this study are that people reacted calmer to pressure and were generally less irritable. Productivity was said to increase in office’s following this study by 14.8%, and in most cases’s people felt generally happier with flowers in the work place.

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