Flowers for your Host

You have been invited to a friend’s house for an evening of food, drink and fun. You can’t arrive at the party without a gift for your hosts. In times of need like this it is a surprise to know how much flowers mean to the friends who have invited you. Flowers symbolise love, care and gratitude and giving these as a gift shows off these feelings that you have for your friends. The bouquet of flowers that you are giving to the hosts doesn’t have to be a big elaborate bouquet, all you have to do is consider that occasion and buy a bouquet which matches it.

In some parts of the world it is viewed as obligatory to provide your hostess with a gift when arriving at their home. While in other areas gifts are only presented on special occasions. If this is the first dinner party you are having at a particular friend’s home then it is a great gesture to take a small gift with you and in this case flowers are the perfect example.

The flowers that are provided enhance the efforts made by the hosts and bring colour and beauty to the occasion. All you have to do is provide your friends with a simple yet beautiful wrap of loose stem of seasonal flowers and the gift will be met with smiles and thanks. As an added gesture offer to arrange the flowers in a vase for the host so they can stick to the main ingredient of a dinner party – the food. Try and stay away from very strong smelling flower fragrances as these can take away the smells of the delicious food you are about to sample.

Giving flowers is the perfect gesture to help restore some of the lost personal touches of etiquette which has been overshadowed by technology and mobile phones. Be a perfect guest and bring flowers.