Flowers for Father’s Day

Many people think about sending flowers for Mother’s Day, but what about dad? Men have become increasingly appreciative of fresh flowers which is why flowers for Father’s Day is becoming as popular as blooms for mum. If you are not sure what types of flowers to order for him, here are some ideas.

Exotic and bright flowers for Father’s Day

Exotic and tropical flowers make for an impressive floral display. Their interesting textures and rich colours attract plenty of attention. When you are looking for a bouquet that dad will love, you should look for something with lots of strong colours. Bright shades of red, orange and lush greenery are perfect for sprucing up his home or office.

Potted plants for Father’s Day

If you are looking for something fresh and beautiful but you cannot seem to settle on a flower bouquet, what about a potted plant? There are plenty of amazing plants that dad will enjoy in his home or at work. The popular Snake Plant is one of them. Not only is it a beautiful plant, but it also helps improve air quality.

Terrariums are also a great gift idea because they are designed to hold succulents. Succulents are some of the easiest plants to grow and they don’t require too much care.

Something extra to go with it

When ordering flowers or plants from your favourite florist, you might want to consider adding something extra to your order. Luxury chocolates, a bottle of bubbly or a bright balloon will make your gift look even more impressive.

Remember, the most important thing of all is to let dad know that you care and appreciate him. If you can, take some time to spend just with him. Reconnect and give him the pleasure of your company for the day.