Flowers for your flower girl

Flowers are an important part of every wedding which is why it makes sense that flower girls are a prominent part of the ceremony. They are often some of the youngest members of the bridal party and they also have a role to play. In most cases, your flower girls won’t necessarily carry a bouquet down the isle. Instead, they will wear floral crowns and carry a basket of flower petals for the guests to toss over the newly weds.

When choosing the basket to hold the flower petals, you should consider using some leftover material from your wedding dress to either create a pouch or basket cover. Alternatively, if you were a flower girl years ago and you still have your basket, you could reuse it for that sentimental touch. You might need to change the colour scheme or do some minor touch ups but it’s that bit of history that can come along with you on your big day.

If you want to let your flower girl carry a small bunch of flowers down the isle, or if she wants to be like the other bridesmaids, then you can let her carry a small hanging ball of flowers. Alternatively, you can attach a small corsage to her wrist and she can also carry a basket of petals. This will help her feel included and important!

If you are hosting a particularly relaxed and not-so formal wedding, you can let your wedding party wear semi-formal outfits. So, instead of the usual tux, the men can wear smart suits. Instead of formal dresses, the ladies can wear something a bit more comfortable yet elegant. Your flower girl can wear a cute summer dress and, for that floral touch, you can even attach some flowers to the dress itself!

Don’t forget about adding flowers to her hair! There are two options in this regard. You could give your flower girl the same hairdo as the rest of the bridesmaids or you could arrange something a little different. So, if you plan on adding flowers to your bridesmaids’ hair, you could give your flower girl her own, special floral crown. Alternatively, you could skip the hair flowers for your bridesmaids and place sprigs of baby’s breath in your flower girl’s hair.
The most important thing to remember is that you don’t want your flower girl to look like a bouquet herself! In other words, if you give her a corsage or if you decorate her dress with flowers, you should avoid flowers in her hair since it will look too over the top.