Flowers for your boss

Whether you’d like to say thank you or wish you boss for their birthday, fresh flowers are always an exceptional and fitting gift. Since flowers come in all shapes and sizes, it’s that much easier to find something that will suit your boss’ specific preferences.

The first thing you need to consider is if you are sending flowers to your boss is the occasion. If you are sending a bouquet for his or her birthday, you should choose flowers that have that joyful feel to them. Bright colours like yellow, orange, and pink are always winners. Sunflowers are particularly great for happy occasions like birthdays as are flowers like gerbera daisies. You can even add something like a happy birthday balloon, happy birthday chocolates, or another extra that you know they will enjoy.

If you want to congratulate your boss on an achievement, the arrival of a new baby, or any other similar occasion, you should look for flowers that are suitable for that particular occasion. Remember that flowers for men and flowers for women differ in several ways. If you send flowers to a woman, you might tend to lean towards pastels whereas men usually prefer bold, strong colours. You can also add something extra like a bottle of bubbly or a stuffed animal if you believe that it’s something your boss will enjoy.

The only kind of flowers you should avoid are red ones. This is because red flowers send a romantic message and you wouldn’t want to give your boss the wrong impression! Of course, if you are dating or married to somebody who happens to be your boss, then a red bouquet might not be completely out of line.

Finally, don’t forget to take into account the size of their office or work space. Consider how much space they have to display a bouquet and the size of the office itself. A small bouquet won’t have much of an impact in a huge office while a large bouquet will be too much for a small office. Remember, when you are shopping for the perfect flowers, you should never forget about the possibility of potted plants. If you’re worried about whether or not your boss will have the time to care for a plant, you should look for one that suits the conditions in their office and maybe even consider a succulent.