The flowers bloom at Summertime

Its summertime and it is now time to start experimenting with all the different flowers that grow at this time of year. We get amazing and beautiful flowers all year round but in summer we get the unique and glorious flowers only available at this time of year. Allium, Astilbe and Aquilegia are some of the flowers available and they are just the A’s.

Just step into your garden for a moment and just imagine the wonderful flowers that you could have growing in there. Remember when flowers are seasonal new flowers could become available every few weeks but remember some varities of flowers may only survive a few weeks.

Summer also brings about dahlias, snapdragons and gladiolus. These big beauties combined with foliages, grasses or vines create a real statement without breaking the bank. You can also add some unique branches for line and enjoy your arrangement.

There are four basic tip to keep the garden in bloom for as long as possible. Fresh water, floral food, recut and keep cool.

Make sure you use fresh water and clean containers to which you can add accurately measured floral food. Make sure you follow the instructions on the packet carefully. In the kitchen a bit of this and a bit of that may work but with flowers the instructions must be followed on a strict basis.

Keeping flowers cool and away from drafts will prolong their lives. It will help increase the chances of the flower not drying out to soon.

Follow these simple steps and you will have a garden full of blooming, long lasting flowers. Try using some unusual and unique flowers this summer to give your garden a fresh look.