Flowers benefit the elderly

There are a lot of things in life that you don’t really think about until you get older.  As lovely as it is to grow in wisdom, experience and knowledge, it’s the wrinkles and frailness that we are less than enthusiastic about.  The one thing that won’t change, however, is that everyone enjoys receiving a fresh flower delivery whether they are young or old.  What many don’t quite realise is the just how much a flower arrangement can positively impact your happiness and physical health too.

A study involving a number of senior citizens was conducted in order to determine how flowers affect our emotions and, more specifically, the effect they have on the elderly.  While some participants were presented with flowers, others were not.  Those who received fresh flowers were happier, less depressed and experienced improved short term memory.  They also experienced a stronger desire to connect with loved ones and friends.

Upon receiving their bouquets, each of the participants displayed instant joy.  This joy replaces their feelings of sadness or depression.  The participants were also given some small tasks in order to test their memory.  The participants who were sent flowers performed better with these tasks.  They also started interacting more with the people around them and made a strong effort to strengthen or re-establish relationships with family and friends.  Even more interesting was the fact that they were more polite towards the doctors and nurses.

In the workplace, happy people prove to be more productive.  Likewise, people who are generally happy with life will be more inclined to contribute to their communities.  Many older folks experience depression in some way or form.  This is particularly the case for those who are placed in long term care facilities.  They feel like they are no longer important or of use and are often forgotten by their families.  It’s a very sad case of out of sight, out of mind.

So, for those who have loved ones in such facilities, why not pick up the phone or browse a site of an online florist for a suitable bouquet to send to that special someone.  You can choose to have the fresh flower delivery sent directly to them r you can list your own address and make the delivery in person.  Obviously the second option would be more meaningful but, either way, be sure to include a sincere message in the card.

As previously mentioned, this study indicated improvements in short term memory.  So, if you have a loved one who tends to be a bit forgetful, then sending fresh flowers could be just what they need!  At the same time you will be building and strengthening your relationship.  Remember that the best gift you can possibly give is your time.  You should also not wait until a birthday or other special occasion just to send flowers. Send flowers out of the blue if you really want to surprise them!