How flowers affect your mood in the morning

A lot of factors affect our mood in the morning. While some people just don’t consider themselves to be “morning people”, others tend to be relatively mild mannered unless they wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Stress, a lack of sleep, emotional issues, and other factors can contribute to a bad mood in the morning. While some believe that they can perk themselves up with a dose of caffeine, others know just how beneficial fresh flowers can be as well.

According to certain studies, it has been revealed that fresh flowers can give you that morning boost you need to put a positive spin on the day. Starting your day on a positive note will only benefit you as the hours go by. Your positivity will also affect those around you. Your positive attitude can quite likely rub off on those you encounter during the day.

The best way of setting yourself up for a good start is by setting a bunch of fresh flowers in you kitchen, living room, or wherever you spend most of your time getting ready in the morning. If you spend most of your time enjoying your coffee and breakfast in the living room or dining room, then make sure that your flowers are clearly visible in this room. It should be the first thing you see when you enter the room so that it has an immediate effect on your mood.

Once you leave your home, you mood can change if you encounter some particularly nasty people or a less than pleasant working environment. The key is to ensure that you have positive influences throughout your day. Do this by displaying flowers in your workplace as well. Even a modest bud arrangement can benefit you mentally and emotionally.

If you like, you can take a stem or two from your bouquet at home and set them in a slender vase on your desk. This way, every time you look at this bud arrangement, you will immediately think of the full bouquet waiting for you at home. This will take your mind back to that initial positive start to your day.