Flower subscriptions and why you need one

If you are thinking of ordering fresh blooms for your home, take a moment to consider the benefits of flower subscriptions. Instead of just ordering one bouquet after the next, you can save time and money by opting for a subscription. Even if you have never enjoyed this type of service before, you can do so safely and confidently by choosing a short-term subscription just to try it out. Once you are happy with the service, you can save even more by choosing one that lasts even longer.


The first thing that you will love about flower subscriptions is the fact that they make flower shopping effortless. Once you sign up, you don’t need to worry about choosing flowers for yourself. Your florist will send you a gorgeous bouquet based on the package you have selected. You don’t even need to follow up. One order is all it takes and you will enjoy months of fresh blooms.

Save money

Longer flower subscriptions help you save the most money. For instance, if you opt for a 3-month subscription, you will save more than if you were to order a bouquet each month. Similarly, if you choose a 12-month plan, you will save more money than if you had a 3-month subscription. Some people like to test the water, so to speak, by selecting the shortest subscription. Once they are happy with the service, they usually opt for a longer option.


There are also different types of flower subscriptions from which to choose. This does not refer to the duration but rather the types of flowers used in the bouquets and their colours. A classic flower subscription will include all those classic favourites while a luxury subscription ensures that you receive the most luxurious blooms. A seasonal flower subscription is great because you will receive bouquets designed to suit that particular season.

Delivered to you

Once you sign up for any of the flower subscriptions offered by your favourite florist, you can expect the first bouquet to be delivered promptly. After this, a date will be established on which the remaining bouquets will be delivered each month. All bouquets will be delivered to your door and your florist may even offer extra gifts like luxury chocolates with each flower delivery.

Flower subscriptions are a quick, easy and affordable way of keeping your home or office looking its best. All you need to do is add up the cost of each bouquet (the normal price) and compare this to the subscription fee in order to find out just how much you are saving!