Flower safety advice to prevent fires

Fresh flowers can prove to be a fire hazard if proper measures are not taken. The key is to always follower proper flower safety practices in order to prevent fires from occurring. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind the next time you receive or place an order for a beautiful bouquet.

Flowers and candles

It can be tempting to display flowers along with pretty candles. However, this can also prove dangerous. In order to ensure proper flower safety, you should keep your candles far enough away from your blooms. Remember, a breeze or gust of wind can also allow the open flame to move in the direction of your flowers so leave extra space just in case.

Keep flowers cool

You should always place fresh flowers in a cool spot and away from any heat sources. This includes fire places. You don’t want to place them on a mantelpiece or anywhere they could come in contact with heat. If you keep them away from heat sources, you don’t need to worry about accidental fires.

Other lighting options

Since candles pose a flower safety risk, it’s good to know that there are always other lighting options. LED lights are highly effective and safe. You can even get artificial candles which are battery-powered. This way, you can enjoy the light of candles without the risk!

Keep these important flower safety tips in mind whenever you receive a fresh bouquet. Remember that flowers become even more flammable as they dry out. Take extra care to remove dead or dying plant material from the vase as soon as you notice it.