Flower facts – Casa Blanca Lily

As the name suggests, the casa blanca lily is part of the lilium family. It is also classified as an oriental lily much like stargazers. The petals protrude like a trumpet and they are fairly large in size which make them so appealing. Their perfect white flowers are a symbol of purity which is why they are such a popular choice for brides to include in their handheld bouquets and in centrepieces. When you order or send these types of blooms, it’s always good to learn a few interesting flower facts. Not only will this help you ensure that you are sending the appropriate bouquet, but if you are the recipient, you will be able to offer them the proper care too.

Bloom season

As a potted plant, one of the most important flower facts to remember is that they will produce flowers during the warm summer months. Do not be concerned if they do not bloom when the temperature drops because it is normal for this plant to enjoy a dormant stage.


Other flower facts to remember if you plan on growing this plant in your garden is that certain conditions will need to be met in order to ensure this plant will thrive. They are grown from bulbs so, when planting, you should make sure that they are placed in an upright position. Planting should be done in the autumn so that they have time to settle during the winter and they will start to grow once the weather warms up. By the time summer arrives, the plant will be ready to bloom. Plant your bulbs a few inches deep to ensure proper anchorage and to allow them to penetrate the surface of the soil with ease. If you are transplanting a potted plant in your garden, you should ensure that the roots are properly but lightly covered when transferring them. When summer comes to an end, you should cut the plant down and apply mulch to keep the bulb safe and insulated during the winter.

Cut flower care

If you receive a cut bouquet that includes casa blanca lilies, you should place them in some fresh water right away. If you pick them from your garden, be sure to do so in the earlier part of the day and keep a bucket of fresh water on hand to prevent them from becoming dehydrated. When placing in a vase, make sure that the vase is properly cleaned. Add flower food to the vase water and remove any lower leaves to keep bacterial growth to a minimum. Make sure that the water level in the vase does not get too low and, if you notice it becoming cloudy, you should clean the vase and add fresh water.

With these flower facts in mind, not only will you be able to grow your own casa blanca lilies, but you can also enjoy them as cut flowers for as long as possible. Remember, partially opened bulbs are best when plucking them from your garden because this ensures that your bouquet will last that much longer.