Florist flower arrangement care advice

When you purchase a beautiful florist flower arrangement and it is delivered to your door, you will want to do everything in your power to ensure that it looks fresh and fabulous for as long as possible. Not only do you need to make sure that you purchase your bouquet from a reputable florist, but also that you follow the appropriate care instructions. Here are some steps that you need to keep in mind from the moment your bouquet arrives.

Watering schedule

No florist flower arrangement will last long without water. While you might think that you just need to put your blooms in a vase with water and that’s it, think again! You will need to make sure that your vase is clean and you should add flower food to the water before adding your stems. In addition, you will need to top up your vase water and, from time to time, replace it completely. Remember, when you notice that the vase water is starting to get a bit cloudy, it’s time to change that water urgently. You should also inspect the bases of the stems and check if they are slimy at all. This slimy texture indicates bacterial growth which will cause your flowers to perish prematurely. So, if this is the case, trim a couple of centimeters off the bottom of each stem to get rid of the slime.

Nutritional needs

When these cut blooms are still attached to the plant, they will not only receive water, but nutrients too. The roots of the plant absorb various minerals and transport them via the stem to the flower. Your florist flower bouquet has been removed from this convenient transport system so you need to make it up to them. As mentioned above, you need to add some flower food to the vase water. Not only does flower food offer the blooms nutrients, but is also controls the pH level of the water and this helps slow the growth of bacteria.

Types of blooms

It is also important to understand that each florist flower arrangement may have slightly different needs. For example, some flowers (like tulips), prefer very cold water while others (like roses) prefer room temperature water. Some flowers naturally last longer than others so keep their natural vase lifespan in mind when selecting your next bouquet.

Partially opened blooms

Make sure that you ask your florist to send partially opened flowers rather than fully opened blooms. If they are still in partial bud form, you can rest assured that they will eventually open up but you will also get to enjoy them for that much longer. Fully opened flowers will not last quite as long and you simply never know just how long they have already been open for.

Superb scent

If you are looking for a florist flower arrangement that will fill the room with its beauty and a lovely perfume, make sure that you let them know. Some flowers have a stronger perfume than others. Lilies are some of the strongest scented blooms of all so you could look for a lily bouquet or at least an arrangement that includes a few of these impressive flowers.

By keeping these handy tips in mind, you can be sure that your next florist flower arrangement will more than live up to your expectations. It’s always worthwhile building a relationship with your favourite florist. This way, when you want to send a floral gift, you can rest assured that it will be arranged to perfection using the best quality blooms.