Floral Christmas Baskets

When we think about arranging flowers, we usually think about using a vase or some kind of tray with floral foam. There is, however, another way of displaying fresh flowers and presenting them as a gift. When you send a gift hamper, you might immediately think of a basket full of goodies. So, why not use a basket for flower arrangements? Christmas flower baskets are great for decorating your own home and they are excellent holiday gifts too.

If you like to make your own flower arrangements, you will be happy to know that a basket arrangement is both easy to make and easy to deliver. Baskets have handles and a solid flat base which means that they are easy to carry and you can set them down on the floor of your car without worrying about them falling over.

When you plan on making or ordering a Christmas flower basket, you can really let your imagination and creativity run wild. The first thing you will need to choose is the basket since this will determine the size of the arrangement as well as the best flowers to use. Smaller baskets are better suited for smaller flowers while a larger basket can hold larger blooms without looking awkward or unbalanced. Of course, the larger the basket, the more flowers and foliage you are likely to need so keep this in mind too.

If you are shopping for a Christmas basket, you should look for colours that suit the season. This means that you might want to use red, green, and white for example. Alternatively, you can pair some white flowers with lush greenery along with blue blooms and silver accessories. Another idea is to use red flowers, dark green foliage, and gold accessories. These are just a few ideas and there’s plenty more inspiration available online.

Much like any other type of flower arrangement, you will need to choose focal flowers, mass flowers, and filler flowers. Focal flowers can be something like roses or lilies while mass flowers could be something a bit smaller like carnations. Fillers are small flowers like baby’s breath. You can also add things like berries as fillers since they add colour as well as texture.

Don’t forget the foliage! When choosing foliage for most arrangements, you usually want to go light. In other words you don’t want the foliage to take over the show. Christmas arrangements rely on a bit more foliage than usual and you should choose at least two or three different types of greenery to give your basket a truly natural look.

Remember, a basket arrangement is supposed to have a natural appearance so you don’t want to overdo it with the accessories. Just some sparkle and shine in between will do just fine. Feel free to decorate the handle or handles by wrapping them up with ribbon and don’t forget to put your floral foam on a drip tray to protect the basket.