Festive flowers to add to your tree

If you close your eyes and think about your Christmas tree, you likely imagine it all decked out with colourful decorations, ornaments, lights and a big star or angel on top. At the same time, when you think of Christmas flowers, you most likely imagine a collection of festive flowers in the perfect container and topped with a beautiful bow. You may think about the types of flowers you send to friends and family during the holidays, but you may not realize that you can also use flowers to make your Christmas tree even more festive.

Flowers around the base

There are two ways to include flowers in your Christmas tree decoration. First, you can use fresh flowers to beautify the lower area around the base of the tree. Many people prefer to set up the Christmas tree well in advance and there may not be many wrapped presents placed immediately underneath. To complete the festive look and ensure your Christmas tree doesn’t look bare before or after Christmas, you can place fresh festive flowers around the base. This really adds value to the festive design while also masking the potentially unsightly tree stand. The best type of arrangements to use in this case would be those made of floral foam. If you use a vase, they will be too tall, while foam floral bouquets will be closer to the ground.

Potted plants

Another option to place around the base of the tree is the poinsettia. As potted plants, they can easily be placed next to the tree well before Christmas and will look good until the holidays are over. Poinsettias come in various colours but, at this time of year, the red variety is the most popular. However, if your Christmas tree decorations include a lot of white, pink, or yellow, you can get poinsettias in these colours to match them better.

Hanging ornaments

Another way to add flower stems is to add them to the tree itself. Just like using filler blooms in a bouquet, you can use flowers as fillers on your tree. They are ideal for filling voids and spaces while keeping the design elegant and festive. In this case it is better to use artificial flowers instead of fresh festive flowers. The reason is that artificial flowers don’t need water, of course, so they won’t wilt or die within a few days. Remember, artificial blooms don’t necessarily look fake. There are some wonderfully realistic ones available if you take the time to look around. These, like any other flowers, should match the colour scheme of the tree decorations. Remember that dark green foliage and green flowers can also be used to fill the spaces between the branches of your tree for that wonderful all-green look. You should also understand that your tree has layers, so place some stems near the outside and others further inward for the best effect.

These are just a few ways in which you can use festive flowers and plants to spruce up your holiday décor and Christmas tree even more. By using fresh blooms and plants, you can be sure that your floral décor will add something new each year.