The Best Exhibitions to see in the Great Pavilion at the Chelsea Flower Show 2012

Whilst at the Chelsea flowers shower, you won’t get the most from the show until you experience the various flower exhibits at the Pavilion. The exhibits vary from those that you just look and appreciate and those where you can be hands on and take part.

One of the Pavilions biggest attraction is the one called the RHS Environment. This is an educational experience which touches on environmental issues, house efficiency and other related hot topics that are of great concern in today’s world. This exhibition really will open your eyes and give you are greater awareness of the issues we face every day.

Another fantastic exhibition is the Exotic Plant nursery. Here there will be displays of many tropical plants and flowers you may have never have seen before, Flowers from the wilderness and rare flowers with additional unusual tropical fruits. This exhibition is sure to get the keen gardener into growing these beauties.

A really fascinating exhibition is the one with the different topiaries and animals to what you would be used to. We are all familiar with the traditional flower square cubes and skilfully cut peacocks. This time the Chelsea show are bringing you an alternative, there wont be animals at this years exhibition however there will be Frank Williams racing F1 Car.

The Pavilion will also house an intriguing exhibition on the nuisances caused on plants and flowers from there surrounding area. This is provided by Paul Stowe from the Food and Environmental Research Agency. He will present his findings and advise of the evident dangers these pests are causing within our living environment.

Finally, our favourite one, you must not miss this whist you are in the Paviliion, the Hillier Olympic Fencing exhibition. With nearly 70 gold medals awarded by the Chelsea flower show, and holding an award for best international grower in 2012, the nursery has given over two thousand trees for the Olympic park for later this year.

This is a real honour to the queen, who celebrates her Diamond Jubilee this year, as she is the Patron of Fencing in the United Kingdom.

If you get any snap shots of the above, let us know here at Flower Press, we would love to display them. The best ones will receive a complimentary British bouquet from which is new to their next day delivery range in preparation for the Olympics and the Queens Diamond Jubilee.