Dry roses to keep your Valentine’s Day gift for longer

Red roses are the number on choice for occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Of course, fresh flowers don’t last as long as we would like. Which is why you might like to follow these simple steps to dry roses and enjoy them that much longer. Here’s how to do it.

Prepare each stem

Preparation is essential when you dry roses. It is important that you remove any leaves from the stem since they tend not to dry very well and they also disintegrate that much easier once dry. If you notice that any of the petals are falling or damaged, you should remove them while you can. Once the flower is dry, you will not be able to do so without risking damage to the dried bloom.

Secure your burlap strip

Before you dry roses, you need to choose the perfect spot. The drying flowers should not be exposed to wind, direct sunlight or heat. Next, you can tie a strip of burlap to the back of a chair that you don’t use or even the leg of a table provided your pets or children will not disturb them.

Hang your flowers

You should always dry roses upside down. This way they will not wilt or lose any petals. They will dry in the shape you know and love. All you need to do is secure the stems to the burlap and make sure that you leave enough space between each stem.

Remove once dried

Once you have perfectly dry roses, you need to remove them carefully from the burlap. It is best not to bend the stems or wiggle them too much. Instead, pull gently down towards the ground. If the stem snags on the burlap, you can trim away the string with a pair of scissors rather than forcing the stem.

Now that you have dry roses, all you need to do is choose how to display them in your home. There are a number of excellent ideas. One easy option is to place them in a vase. Another option is to secure them in a box frame. The latter is often more popular since you don’t need to worry about them getting dusty.