Don’t be lonely this Valentine’s Day

For couples, Valentine’s Day can be quite an exciting time of year. All the shops are filled with red hearts, cupids, and the cutest romantic gifts. Even online shops like online florists and online hamper retailers are gearing up for this special occasion. However, for those who are spending V-Day alone, it can be a painful reminder of their solo lifestyle or even the loss of their partner or spouse.


This Valentine’s Day, don’t let yourself get lonely! There are plenty of ways to avoid those feelings of sadness if you just make a the effort. If you’re feeling lost and you’re not sure about how to do this, here are some ideas:


For all the single women out there, you need not worry about anyone pampering you this Valentine’s Day. Here’s what you can do instead:

  • Place an order for fresh flowers with your favourite florist.
  • Look for a florist that offers extras like chocolates with your flower delivery. Some even offer free chocolates so choose one of these options if you are looking for a particularly good deal.
  • You could even take it one step further and order a romantic gift hamper for yourself. After all, you know exactly what you like so you can order a hamper that will definitely make you smile.
  • Plan an evening out with your fellow single friends. Instead of taking the night to look for a new boyfriend, just enjoy yourself and the company of other singles.
  • If you know that one of your friends has recently lost their partner or spouse, you might want to spoil them a little too. Send flowers or a gift basket with a special message attached to make them feel special.


As for all the single men out there, here are some tips for you:

  • Start by ignoring any stereotypical ideas that society has come to expect. There are no rules against you pampering yourself.
  • Send yourself a gift hamper like a nice bottle of whisky or even a beer crate with delicious snacks. Invite your buddies over to share so that you don’t end up drinking alone.
  • Go out with your single friends and have a good time. You should not depend on having somebody on your arm just to make yourself feel good.