Don’t Forget Sunday is International Mothers Day!

Here at Prestige Flowers we have been very busy with it been the American, Canadian, New Zealand, South African and Chinese Mother’s Day. Each year, throughout our different cultures, Mother’s Day is perhaps the only celebration that is enjoyed in the same way. Every mother enjoys the flowers they receive in the morning, the card her children have made for her, and the breakfast in bed so keenly made by the kids. Yes it is always a memorable day, where appreciation is shown to the mother who every day would take us to school and make us dinner and show us love every day. To the mothers that spent all those long hard years bringing us up to make us what we are today.

Well here’s to all you deserving mothers. We have sent hundreds and hundreds of bouquets out to you. We really hope you enjoy your day, sit back and relax, this is your day.

Happy International Mothers Day!